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Eis Jugendlandesmeeschter 2018

Hei sinn ons Landesmeeschteren

  • U9: Luca - Joé (Dubbel)  
  • U11: Mara (Eenzel)  
  • U11: Mara (Dubbel) 

2. Plaz

  • U9: Pol (Dubbel)
  • U9: Pol (Eenzel)
  • U11: Béatrice-Mihika (Dubbel)
  • U11: Nicolas-Tom (Dubbel)
  • U11: Mara (Mixte)
  • U15: Monique - Yannick (Mixte)

3. Plaz

  • U9: Luca (Eenzel)
  • U11: Benjamin-Derek (Dubbel)
  • U11: Sami-Léo S (Dubbel)
  • U11: Sami (Eenzel)
  • U11: Mihika (Eenzel)
  • U11: Tom (Mixte)
  • U11: Sami-Mihika (Mixte)
  • U15: Yannick F (Eenzel)
  • U15: Philippe-Rohan (Dubbel)
  • U17: Thomas (Eenzel, Dubbel a Mixte)

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For the little ones starting out on a lifelong love of badminton or for adults who chooses to swing a badminton raquet.
Beside our mother language luxembourgish, we speak english, french, german and maybe more...
Everyone is welcome in our club.