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Masters & Grand-Prix 3 2022 Results

Great results of our players on the 3rd tournament Weekend of this season

Masters 3 - 10 & 11/12/2022

1st place:

  • Luca P - MS C
  • Donlaya - WS D - WD D
  • Sam R - Tom F - MD B
  • Nicolas B - Léo S - MD D
  • Michelle T - Roopsheeka WD D

2nd place:

  • Léna G - WS C
  • Pol F - MS C
  • Marc L - Cathia H - MX B
  • Luca P - Léna G - MX C

3rd place:

  • Sam R - MS B
  • Victor N - MS B
  • Jill F - WS C
  • Arnaud B - MS D
  • Shirine R - Zoé WD B
  • Joé S - Tom S - MD D
  • Pol F - Jill F - MX C

Grand-Prix 3 - 11/12/2022

Youth GP3 tournament took place in Holleschbierg. Thanks to this tournament was again a great success.

Young Itzig players made 1st place podiums in 7 of 10 categories

1st place:

Pit N - Lara P   MX U11

Lorin P - Julie S MX U13

Bob M - Chloé B MX U15

Augustin B - Chengyuan Y BD U11

Lorin P BD U13

Bob M - Maximilian Z BD U15

Chloé B - Nina R GD U15


2nd place:

Chengyuan Y - Eleonore D MX U11

Gregor H - Julie J MX U13

Maximilian Z - Nina R MX U15

Damast H - Pit N BD U11

3rd/4th place:

Anuhas L - Alex J BD U9

Joachim F - Marga Leika M  MX U15

Gregor H - Kenan T BD U13

Lou E BD U15

Alexandra D - Marga Leika M GD U15


Link Photos: Photos from the Tournament 

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