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Tournament Weekend 14-15.05.2022

Excellent results of our players in various tournaments.

Our youth players of the national team were at the youth tournament in Gembloux Belgium

Results of our players in their age class:

  • Pol winner BS U15 , BD U15 , MX U15
  • Sami winner BS U17 and BD U17 
  • Tom winner BD U17 and 3rd BS U17
  • Jill 2nd GS U15 and 4th MX U15
  • Lorin 2nd BS U11

15th of May was the last Single Grand-Prix Youth tournament of this season:

  • Winner Boys U15: Bob
  • Runner-up Boys U11: Chengyuan
  • Runner-up Boys U15: Maximilian
  • Runner-up Boys U17: Ben
  • Runner-up Girls U11: Jill
  • Runner-up Girls U15: Nina
  • 3rd Girls U13: Julie
  • 3rd Boys U13: Kenan
  • 3rd Boys U15: Tom
  • 3rd Boys U17: Edouard

Excellent results as well from our adult players at the Masters in Bettembourg:

  • Yannick winner MD A and XD A
  • Shirine winner WS C , 2nd WD C and 3rd XD B
  • Michelle winner WD D and 3rd XD D
  • Léna 2nd WS C and 3rd WD C
  • Donlaya 3rd WS C
  • Marc/Victor 3rd MD B
  • Béatrice 3rd WD C
  • Paulius 3rd XD D







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