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Youth- and Seniors >35 Individual National Championship 2020 Results

Results of our players in Luxembourgish Youth and Seniors >35 Championships 2020.

Overall 21 of our young players participated in singles and 25 in doubles/mixte doubles

Youth: 6 x gold 10 x silver 16 x bronze

> 35: 1 x gold 1 x silver 1 x bronze

National Champion:

Emmi Kosch & Julie Schmit  Girls Doubles U9

Luca Perfido & Joé Schmit Boys Doubles U11 

Pol Feltes - Mixte Doubles U11 - with Zoé Du from Européen

Shirine Rahmoun & Lean Guinaudeau Girls Double U13

Tom Feltes & Shirine Rahmoun  Mixte Doubles U13

Yannick Feltes - Boys Doubles U17 - with Jérôme Pauquet from Kehlen

National Champion >35:

Marc Lanners & Maurice Niesner - Men Doubles 40-44 years

Runner-ups: (2nd place)

Emmi Kosch - Girls Singles U9

Julie Jeanpaul & Lara Perfido - Girls Doubles U9

Emmi Kosch & Lorin Perfido - Mixte Doubles U9

Pol Feltes - Boys Singles U11 

Luca Perfido & Jill Felten - Mixte Doubles U11

Sami Reinert - Boys Singles U13

Tom Feltes & Sami Reinert - Boys Doubles U13

Léo Schmit & Béatrice Raskin - Mixte Doubles U13

Yannick Feltes - Boys Singles U17

Monique Fox - Girls Doubles U17 with Ajsela Licina from Differdange

Runner-ups >35: 

Marc Lanners - Men Single 50 - 54 years


3rd / 4th place:

Lorin Perfido - Boys Singles U9

Julie Schmit - Girls Singles U9

Lorin Perfido - Boys Doubles U9 with Noé Cloos from Bettembourg

Lara Perfido - Mixte Doubles U9 with Noé Cloos from Bettembourg

Pit Nau & Julie Schmit - Mixte Doubles U9

Joé Schmit - Boys Singles U11

Luca Perfido - Boys Singles U11

Jill Felten & Nina Reinert - Girls Doubles U11

Bob Miller & Nina Reinert - Mixte Doubles U11

Léo Schmit - Boys Singles U13

Béatrice Raskin - Girls Singles U13

Nicolas Beiler & Léo Schmit - Boys Doubles U13

Pol Feltes - Boys Doubles U13 with Mika Marteling from Junglinster

Sami Reinert & Lena Guinaudeau - Mixte Doubles U13

Philippe Mosar & Rohan Shetty - Boys Doubles U17

Joé Hansen - Mixte Doubles U17 with Fanny Pesleux from Junglinster

3rd / 4th place > 35:

Gilles Dumont - Men Singles 40-44 years 

Congratulations to all players

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