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Youth- and Seniors >35 Individual National Championship 2024 Results

Results of our players in the Luxembourgish Youth and Seniors >35 Championships 2024.

Overall more than 50 of our young players participated in the National Youth Championships 2024 and came back with excellent results. 36 of these young players were either National Champion, runner-up or 3/4 ranked.

12 x gold 16 x silver 18 x bronze

8 senior players of our club participated in the > 35 championships and came back with

5 x gold 2 x silver 2 x bronze

National Champion Youth:

Chengyuan Yu - Boys Single U11

Julie Schmit - Girls Single U13

Lorin Perfido - Boys Single U13

Luca Perfido - Boys Single U17

Chengyuan Yu - Claudia Yu - Mixte Doubles U11

Lorin Perfido - Julie Schmit - Mixte Doubles U13

Pol Feltes -  Mixte Doubles U17 with Zoé Du from Européen

Lorin Perfido - Boys Doubles U13 with Filip Ilyukhin from Weiler

Kenan Tursic - Boys Doubles U15 with Filip Liska from Junglinster

Pol Feltes - Luca Perfido - Boys Doubles U17

Jill Felten - Girls Doubles U17 with Zoé Du from Européen

Sam Reinert - Boys Doubles U19 with Noah Warning from Junglinster

National Champion >35:

Dimitri Hoffmann - Men Singles 40+

Pedro Miguel - Men Singles 45+

Marc Lanners - Men Singles 55+

Marc Lanners - Pedro Miguel Men Doubles 45+ 

Marc Lanners - Christiane Kirsch Mixte 45+

Runner-ups: (2nd place)

Charlotte Obry - Girls Singles U9

Kexin Yin - Girls Single U11

Lara Perfido - Girls Single U13

Jill Felten - Girls Single U17

Kenan Tursic - Boys Single U15

Pol Feltes - Boys Single U17

Sam Reinert - Boys Single U19

Alice Jagoury - Lara Perfido - Girls Doubles U13

Julie Schmit - Julie Jeanpaul - Girls Doubles U15

Rongbei Xia - Philippe Zimmer - Boys Doubles U9

Chengyuan Yu - Damast Hyadi - Boys Doubles U13

Bob Miller - Arthur Strîmbu-Lee - Boys Doubles U17

Charlotte Obry - Philippe Zimmer - Mixte U9

Alice Jagoury - Antoine Obry - Mixte U13

Kenan Tursic - Mixte U15 with Rebecca Lo Cane from Schifflange

Sam Reinert - Mixte U19 with Kinga Toth-Kuthy from Européen

Runner-ups >35: 

Dimitri Hoffmann -  Mixte 40+ with Conny Mathay from Ettelbrück

Christiane Kirsch - Donlaya Demeester - Women Double  40+

3rd / 4th place:

Philippe Zimmer - Boys Singles U9

Claudia Yu - Girls Singles U11

Alex Jeanpaul - Kiaan Upiah-Appdoo - Boys Double U11

Kexin Yin - Kiaan Upiah-Appdoo - Mixte U11

Damast Hayadi - Boys Singles U13

Hengrui Guo - Purujith Shankar - Boys Doubles U13

Antoine Obry - Michael Rongiia Zhang - Boys Doubles U13

Nina Chapon - Jill Peschon - Girls Doubles U13

Lara Perfido - Pit Nau - Mixte U13

Fiona Hoffmann - Juliette Simon - Girls Doubles U15

Chloé Bricmont - Girls Singles U17

Nina Reinert - Girls Singles U17

Chloé Bricmont - Nina Reinert - Girls Doubles U17

Maximilian Zeimes -  Boys Doubles U17 with Sai Shourya Kodapala from Differdange

Chloé Bricmont - Bob Miller - Mixte U17

Jill Felten - Maximilian Zeimes - Mixte U17

Nicolas Beiler - Léo Schmit - Boys Doubles U19

Shirine Rahmoun - Léo Schmit - Mixte U19

3rd / 4th place > 35:

Dimitri Hoffmann - Steve Zeimes - Mens Doubles  40+ 

Christiane Kirsch- Womens Singles 45+

Congratulations to all players

Thank you Yoann Jagoury for the teaser photo and the following 4 pictures

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